Thursday, January 24, 2008

Changes and Mantras

Phew! 2007 is gone and 2008 has come in with a BANG! This is my year. I know it. It has to be. Do you ever feel that push inside of you to become who you are really meant to be? I do. Its a REALLY strong feeling too.

CK had a really great article in their January issue discussing personal mantra's. Its a personal "purpose statement - the underlying premind that drives why you scrapbook" as Brittany Beattie so perfectly stated. How would you describe your goals, ambitions, and wants in one single, SHORT statement? I have been doing a lot of thinking on this lately. Jessica Sprague (one of my FAVORITE designers) actually had two. "My life is my story" and a more directional one, "Create a Masterpiece". Jennifer McGuire stated hers was to "Freeze Time". I have been trying to really nail down what mine would be and I am running into a wall, creatively speaking. Mine always seem to long. I think it would really be, "Break through and become who you are meant to be!" I feel that a lot of my problem is the fear that my work won't be accepted but I need to stop focusing on what others will think of my work all the time! I would LOVE to become part of a team and really become known in the industry for my work and my passion but I think sometimes I lose sight of why we really DO scrap. So I am going to list a few goals for myself, right here and now, to start my final personal mantra:

1. Let Go!
2. Spread your passion
3. Don't fear the unknown and unpredictable
4. Keep that smile!

Here is wishing everyone a GREAT Friday! May your mojo kick into full gear and may you create something INSPIRING!

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